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The Nature of Reality

The last major changes to the periodic table was done in the middle of the 20th Century. Glenn Seaborg is given the credit for it. Starting with his discovery of plutonium in 1940, he discovered all the transuranic elements from … Continue reading

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Colour of Gravity 3

Colour measurement We know that colour is a psychophysical experience of an observer which changes from observer to observer and is therefore impossible to replicate absolutely. In order to quantify colour in meaningful terms we must be able to measure … Continue reading

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The Law of Octaves

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev (also romanized Mendeleyev or Mendeleef; Russian: Дми́трий Ива́нович Менделе́ев listen (help·info)) (8 February [O.S. 27 January] 1834 – 2 February [O.S. 20 January] 1907), was a Russian chemist and inventor. He is credited as being the creator of … Continue reading

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Calorimetric Equivalence Principle Test

With Stefan shutting down the blog temporary I thought to gather my thoughts here. Gravitomagnetism This approximate reformulation of gravitation as described by general relativity makes a “fictitious force” appear in a frame of reference different from a moving, gravitating … Continue reading

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The Colour of Gravity

Boy do I miss be able to do some of the bloggey work and research information. 🙂 The thought on the color of gravity has been talked about on my site before. From a metaphysical standpoint, philosophical, I sometimes wonder, … Continue reading

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Physical geodesy: A Condensative Result

The cave was discovered in 2000The 120m-deep Cueva de las Espadas (Cave of Swords), discovered in 1912, is named for its metre-long shafts of gypsum (a calcium sulphate mineral that incorporates water molecules into its chemical formula). And although individually … Continue reading

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Neutrino Mixing Explained in 60 seconds

I added this post to demonstrate the connection to what is behind the investigation to “neutrino mixing” that needs further clarification. So I put this blog post together below. It “allows the sources” to consider the question of how we … Continue reading

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Revolutions of the Archetype

The concept of Tao is based upon the understanding that the only constant in the universe is change (see I Ching, the “Book of Changes”) and that we must understand and be in harmony with this change. The change is … Continue reading

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Hydrogen, and the Law of Octaves

<a href="; target=_BLank title="The Edge-THE PRINCIPLE OF MEDIOCRITY [9.15.06]By Alexander Vilenkin”> Alex Vilenkin – Many Worlds in One article by Mark of Cosmic Variance drew my interest again after reading with a new perspective gained from understandng some implications about … Continue reading

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Allotropes and the Ray of Creation

Just thinking here about “life” in general and dreaming. As well, this takes us back to the article from Backreaction. This post was generated in response to Q’s comment and my subsequent statements that I supplied in turn. Take “full … Continue reading

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