Colour of Gravity 3

Colour measurement

We know that colour is a psychophysical experience of an observer which changes from observer to observer and is therefore impossible to replicate absolutely. In order to quantify colour in meaningful terms we must be able to measure or represent the three attributes that together give a model of colour perception. i.e. light, object and the eye. All these attributes have been standardised by the CIE or Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage.

The colours of the clothes we wear and the textiles we use in our homes must be monitored to ensure that they are correct and consistent.

Colour measurement is therefore essential to put numbers to colour in order to remove physical samples and the interpretation of results.See:Colour measuring equipment


A New Culture?


Colour Space and Colour Theory

So by having defined the “frame of reference,” and by introducing “Colour of gravity” I thought it important and consistent with the science to reveal how dynamical any point within that reference can become expressive. The history in association also important.


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Cymatics and the Heart Song

We might object that the heart makes heart sounds and jiggles water in the pericardial sac. Stuart Kauffman

The Colour of Gravity2
The Colour of Gravity1

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