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ALICE EMCal installation with Peter Jacobs

Researcher Peter Jacobs explains what’s happening as the final pieces of the ALICE experiment’s electromagnetic calorimeter, or EMCal, are installed on Jan. 18 2012. Check out the symmetry breaking story for more.   Jan 4, 2011 EMCAL Super Module installation … Continue reading

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ALICE Enters New Territory

A computer screen in the ALICE control room shows an event display on the night of the first heavy-ion collisions in the LHC in November 2010. A basic process in QCD is the energy loss of a fast parton in … Continue reading

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QGP Advances

Even the famous helium-3, which can flow out of a container via capillary forces, does not count as a perfect fluid.What black holes teach about strongly coupled particles by Clifford V. Johnson and Peter Steinberg….May of Last Year. If helium-3 … Continue reading

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2010 ion run: completed!

First direct observation of jet quenching. At the recent seminar, the LHC’s dedicated heavy-ion experiment, ALICE, confirmed that QGP behaves like an ideal liquid, a phenomenon earlier observed at the US Brookhaven Laboratory’s RHIC facility. This question was indeed one … Continue reading

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QGP Research Advances

“We can say that the system definitely flows like a liquid,” says Harris. One of the first lead-ion collisions in the LHC as recorded by the ATLAS experiment on November 8, 2010. Image courtesy CERN. *** Scientists from the ALICE … Continue reading

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Article From New York Times and More

Brookhaven National Laboratory HOT A computer rendition of 4-trillion-degree Celsius quark-gluon plasma created in a demonstration of what scientists suspect shaped cosmic history. In Brookhaven Collider, Scientists Briefly Break a Law of Nature The Brookhaven scientists and their colleagues discussed … Continue reading

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Alice and the Cosmic Ballet, Now Meet Higgins

As Alice learned, it’s not always clear what’s a looking glass, and what’s a window to another world. Mirrors and windows are often interchangeable: we look out into the world, and see ourselves reflected back. We look at a reflection, … Continue reading

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Hands on Cern

Hands-on-CERN (HoC) is an educational project at the scientific frontier of physics. It is aimed at teachers and high school students studying natural sciences. The purpose of this project/course is to increase understanding of the most fundamental processes inside matter, … Continue reading

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Onion Signatures

Yes indeed, we seen where acoustic physics can be related at a fundamental level and be incorporated with the mathematics that some are very proficient at. That while poor ole me struggles, I look for the most direct route to … Continue reading

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Alice in Wonderland: A Real World Fantasy?

Before this post begins, it is important to understand that the expose of thoughts in regards to what myth created could have amounted to some journey of the photon understand that the chaotic feature of loose lips could sink ships, … Continue reading

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