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What holes?

Steven Weinberg visiting the ATLAS cavern accompanied by Peter Jenni see: Steven Weinberg visits CERN So the understanding “is” that as Steven portrays as been spoken of before by Clifford or by associates in proximity, that his views reveal the … Continue reading

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Polar Flips

Sometimes it is necessary to see the deep impact a thought could have as we try to understand the implications of a “sphere dropped in a viscously liquid” that we might find another correlation in how we see the photon … Continue reading

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Relativistic Fluid Dynamics

The Navier-Stokes equations A bubble is a minimal-energy surface The Navier-Stokes equations, named after Claude-Louis Navier and George Gabriel Stokes, are a set of equations that describe the motion of fluid substances such as liquids and gases. These equations establish … Continue reading

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Tunnelling in Faster then Light

Underneath this speculation of mine is the geometrical inclination of the universe in expression. If it’s “dynamical nature is revealed” what allows us to think of why this universe at this time and junction, should be flat(?) according to the … Continue reading

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Bose- Einstein Condensates

ESI Special Topics, March 2004An INTERVIEW with Dr. Wolfgang Ketterle What do you see for the next five years of research on Bose-Einstein condensation? One goal is the use of condensates for advancing atom optics, to develop new or improved … Continue reading

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History of the Superfluid: New Physics

Nice Picture above. It is really confusing for me sometimes so I have to revisit the set up, to make sure I have things slotted to the way it is being used to penetrate reductionistic views, that help us understand … Continue reading

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Attributes of Superfluids

Professor Leggett was awarded a share in the 2003 prize for his research at Sussex in the early 1970s on the theory of superfluids. There is a special class of fluids that are called superfluids. Superfluids have the property that … Continue reading

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A recipe for making strings in the lab

All you educated people must forgive me here. I do not have the benefit, of the student and teacher relationship, yet I rely heavily on my intuitive processes. I cannot say whether for sure these are always right. IN this … Continue reading

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Blackhole Production and Sonluminence

John Ellis:The quark-gluon plasma – if it exists and is being produced at RHIC – is considerably more complicated than was thought a few years ago. It seems to be an almost perfect, strongl-interacting fluid with very low viscosity. Theoretically, … Continue reading

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Domains walls and Interconnecting Loops

It seems wellness is coming back in full force:) so I thought I would take some advice. This paragraph below italizied, and the one related to Chen for consideration, in terms of the abtract world that topological consideration, might have … Continue reading

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