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It’s a Penquin?

The jump from conventional field theories of point-like objects to a theory of one-dimensional objects has striking implications. The vibration spectrum of the string contains a massless spin-2 particle: the graviton. Its long wavelength interactions are described by Einstein’s theory … Continue reading

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How We Now See the Universe

So on the one hand you know that there are higher energies with which you can contend with as you look above toward the cosmos. While on earth, our ability to discern the nature of, is limited by by that … Continue reading

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What’s on the Condense Matter Theorist’s Mind?

The Theory of Everything Prof. Robert B. Laughlin The crystalline state is the simplest known example of a quantum , a stable state of matter whose generic low-energy properties are determined by a higher organizing principle and nothing else. Robert … Continue reading

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A Constant that Isn’t Constant?

Now I am wrting this because some are persistent about the speed of light. I have looked at this and tried to accompany this thinking with actual work that has been put out there, and that has developed along these … Continue reading

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String Theory Landscape

The theory of strings predicts that the universe might occupy one random “valley” out of a virtually infinite selection of valleys in a vast landscape of possibilities Quantum Effect, however allow a manifold to change state abruptly at some point-to … Continue reading

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Pattern Recognition

Strominger: That was the problem we had to solve. In order to count microstates, you need a microscopic theory. Boltzmann had oneā€“the theory of molecules. We needed a microscopic theory for black holes that had to have three characteristics: One, … Continue reading

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History of the Superfluid: New Physics

Nice Picture above. It is really confusing for me sometimes so I have to revisit the set up, to make sure I have things slotted to the way it is being used to penetrate reductionistic views, that help us understand … Continue reading

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Drawing a Venn diagram: Entanglement Issues

Plectics, by Murray Gellman It is appropriate that plectics refers to entanglement or the lack thereof, since entanglement is a key feature of the way complexity arises out of simplicity, making our subject worth studying. The person above was kind … Continue reading

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String Theory Displays Golden Ratio Tendency?

Srinivas Ramanujan (1887-1920): Ramanujan was a mathematician so great his name transcends jealousies, the one superlatively great mathematician whom India has produced in the last hundred years. “His leaps of intuition confound mathematicians even today, seven decades after his death. … Continue reading

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From Experience to Metaphors on Cosmic Variance

Most of you know who Alice is Right? Well Alice isa fictional story for those of you who don’t know, the story of the Looking Glass has become synonmous witha a photon’s flight into Young’s other side. I do not … Continue reading

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