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The Inventor’s Notebook

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” – Thomas Alva Edison, Harper’s Monthly (September 1932) Thomas Edison’s first successful light bulb model, used in public demonstration at Menlo Park, December 1879 You might find a similarity here, that speaks … Continue reading

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The Artist In Us All

““Deep play means no analysis, no explanation, no promises, no goals, no worries. You are completely open to the drama of life that may unfold.”“-Dianne Ackerman See more on Deep Play. This post entry under the heading of the “Artist … Continue reading

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Time as a Measure

SuperCosmologists Think Out of the Box, by Clifford at 1:13 am, August 3rd, 2005 From what we have learned so far about string theory, the natural starting point for doing physics which makes contact with our world seems to be … Continue reading

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A Perspective on Powers of Ten?

What do chance encounters bring to the quality of life? Tabula rasa >(Latin: “scraped tablet”, though often translated “blank slate”) is the notion that individual human beings are born “blank” (with no built-in mental content), and that their identity is … Continue reading

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