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Where is Our Starting Point?

“The end he (the artist) strives for is something else than a perfectly executed print. His aim is to depict dreams, ideas, or problems in such a way that other people can observe and consider them.” – M.C. Escher The … Continue reading

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Questions on the History of Mathematics

Arthur MillerEinstein and Schrödinger never fully accepted the highly abstract nature of Heisenberg’s quantum mechanics, says Miller. They agreed with Galileo’s assertion that “the book of nature is written in mathematics”, but they also realized the power of using visual … Continue reading

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Exploring Subtle Levels of Consciouness

 In 2004 I struggled to define the mapping…while speaking in terms of Kaluza/Klein and fifth dimension. Today I am fully aware of the mathematically representation in terms of the use of dimensions.  At the time this was related to spirit.  … Continue reading

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Quasicrystal: Prof. Dan Shechtman

A quasiperiodic crystal, or, in short, quasicrystal, is a structure that is ordered but not periodic. A quasicrystalline pattern can continuously fill all available space, but it lacks translational symmetry. While crystals, according to the classical crystallographic restriction theorem, can … Continue reading

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History of Supersymmetry to Today

Special Topic of Supersymmetry by Science Watch Since the 1980s, if not earlier, supersymmetry has reigned as the best available candidate for physics beyond the standard model. But experimental searches for supersymmetric particles have so far come up empty, only … Continue reading

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Two Dimensions

A diagram showing the first four spatial dimensions.  The concept of dimension is not restricted to physical objects. High-dimensional spaces occur in mathematics and the sciences for many reasons, frequently as configuration spaces such as in Lagrangian or Hamiltonian mechanics; … Continue reading

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Another Kind of Sideways

 I wanted to expand on where the title,”Another Kind of Sideways.” This blog posting  came from an interview with Clifford of Asymptotia by PBS. He had a posting of his own entitled Multiverse Musings about a Nova series on PBS … Continue reading

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Nature is the Architect

…..and we are it’s builders? So beyond indeed, is the static realization of the structure of things. This is a more definable recognition of something that is very fluid and expressive. It is by our own humanistic natures that we … Continue reading

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It’s Reason for Being

See:Central Theme is the Sun When looking at the entropic valuation of the way the universe one can just plainly accept the insight that heat when cooled can manifest the objects of that reality. Just simply accept this without thinking … Continue reading

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Self Evident Dimensional Perspective

Where a dictionary proceeds in a circular manner, defining a word by reference to another, the basic concepts of mathematics are infinitely closer to an indecomposable element”, a kind of elementary particle” of thought with a minimal amount of ambiguity … Continue reading

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