Where is Our Starting Point?

“The end he (the artist) strives for is something else than a perfectly executed print. His aim is to depict dreams, ideas, or problems in such a way that other people can observe and consider them.” – M.C. Escher

Can you trace the patterns in nature toward matter manifestations?

To them, I said,
the truth would be literally nothing
but the shadows of the images.
Plato, The Republic (Book VII)

The idea here is about how one’s observation and model perceptions arises from some ordered perspective. Some use a starting point as an assumption of position. Do recognize “the starting point” in the previous examples?

 Cycle of Birth, Life, and Death-Origin, Indentity, and Destiny by Gabriele Veneziano

In one form or another, the issue of the ultimate beginning has engaged philosophers and theologians in nearly every culture. It is entwined with a grand set of concerns, one famously encapsulated in an 1897 painting by Paul Gauguin: D’ou venons-nous? Que sommes-nous? Ou allons-nous? “Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?”

The effective realization that particle constructs are somehow smaller windows of a much larger perspective fails to take in account this idea that I am expressing as a foundational approach to that starting point.

If you do not go all the way toward defining of that “point of equilibrium” how are you to understand how information is easily transferred to the individual from a much larger reality of existence? One would assume information is all around us? That there are multitudes of pathways that allow us to arrive at some some probability density configuration as some measure of an Pascalian ideal.

Of course there are problems with this in terms of our defining a heat death in individuals?

That’s not possible so one is missing the understanding here about equilibrium. I might have said we are positional in terms of the past and the future with regard to memory and the anticipated future? How is that heat death correlated? It can’t.

So you have to look for examples in relation to how one may arrive at that beginning point. Your theory may not be sufficiently dealing with the information as it is expressed in terms of your approach to the small window?

There are mathematical inspections here that have yet to be associated with more then discrete functions of reality as expressive building blocks of interpretation. The basic assumption of discrete function still exists in contrast to continuity of expression. This is the defining realization in assuming the model that MBT provides. I have meet the same logic in the differences of scientific approach toward the definition of what is becoming?

On the one hand, a configuration space as demonstrated by Tom that is vastly used in science. On the other, a recognition of how thick in measure viscosity is realized and what the physics is in this association. Not just the physical manifestation of, but of what happens when equilibrium is reached. Hot or very cold. Temperature, is not a problem then?

See my problem is that I can show you levitation of objects using superconductors but I cannot produce this in real life without that science. Yet, in face of that science I know that something can happen irregardless of what all the science said, so I am looking as well to combining the meta with the physical to realize that such a conditions may arise in how we as a total culture have accepted the parameters of our thinking.

So by dealing with those parameters I too hoped to see a cultural shift(paradigm and Kuhn) by adoption of the realization as we are with regard to the way in which we function in this reality. So if your thinking abut gravity how is this possible within the “frame work” to have it encroach upon our very own psychological makeup too?

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8 Responses to Where is Our Starting Point?

  1. RBM says:

    Hmm, I think of superconductors as technology, albeit simple, not 'science'. Am I semantically incorrect ?

  2. RBM says:

    Are you familiar with Bruce Lipton (biologist) ?Regardless, Tom and him has a discussion making an argument for a paradigm shift from their shared perspectives:http://www.whatifitreallyworks.com/2012/07/11/bruce-lipton-and-tom-campbell-the-summit/

  3. PlatoHagel says:

    Yes Technology for sure….it took science to get to that point and if you look further there are some things going on that do require further science.Macroscopic Similarities in a Microscopic World

  4. PlatoHagel says:

    I will definitely have a look.Thanks,

  5. PlatoHagel says:

    Having a hard time getting the vimeo movies to play

  6. RBM says:

    Hmm, I'm using W7 and FF for a browser. Even with my addon's I've not had any issues. Are you using something exotic.Your blog software just got a bit worse for my experience. Text is coming out stutter-step. All I've changed recently on my end is to add Zone Alarm (software firewall), which at first consideration seems unrelated, but I'll have to confirm.Take Care.

  7. PlatoHagel says:

    Hi RBM,On this desktop…..FF and wxp…..FF and w7 on laptop….a Ipad to follow soon.Just to let you know I have made it through both videos….I left some comments there.Both gentlemen from their respective fields have really put it together. By giving the perspective of the biology, it really hit home. I made notes as I went through it. I will be putting up some posts with information that arose in my mind at different times.The very last part about the economy comparison by Bruce was an important one. I have fought the Healthcare battle for a number of years in terms of the desire for privatization in Canada and see the UNited States determinations to have this applicable to all there.Don't like Zone alarm……for my computer safety I thought it worth spending the money for a good all around security system. So I use use Norton 360 Premier edition. I have it on a couple of computers.. they say up to 3, which works fine.Best,

  8. RBM says:

    I look forward to your comments here. The economic tie-in is getting some attention at MBTforum, for what it's worth.I've liked ZA less and less through the years. Yes, for $100, quality is likely to put 'free' to shame.See Ya'

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