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Higg’s Boson: Analogies Help

John Ellis,theoretical physicist, answers the question “What is the Higgs boson?” in preparation for the press conference following the seminar on LHC 2012 results on the Higgs boson search, due on July 4 2012 at CERN. For more details: reading

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Cern: Physics restarts in the LHC at new record energy

The LHC has started proton collisions at the unprecedent energy of 4 TeV per beam. This video celebrates the new milestone and explains the physics challenges and ecxpectations for the two larger experiments ATLAS and CMS through the words of … Continue reading

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CERN News: CERN News – LHC to run at 4 TeV per beam in 2012

On a lighter note……a story perhaps from 2007?:) Dialogos of Eide

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Higgs Update Today

Backgrounder: Guido Tonelli(CMS spokesperson) Higgs update English 1404258 Fabiola Gianotti (ATLAS spokesperson) Higgs update English 1403055 Heuer with Gianotti and Tonelli See: Higgs Update Today: Inconclusive, As Expected Firm Evidence Of A Higgs Boson At Last! See Also: Possible Hints … Continue reading

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Tools For Cern Public Annoucement

CERN PUBLIC SEMINAR  Tuesday, December 13, 2011 from 14:00 to 16:00 (Europe/Zurich) at CERN ( Main Auditorium ) Tuesday, December 13, 2011 14:00 – 14:30 Update on the Standard Model Higgs searches in ATLAS 30′ Speaker: Fabiola Gianotti 14:30 – … Continue reading

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XKCD Significant-Speed of Light Issue?

You got to love it when correlations can be made, and a thank you to the ICECUBE Blog If the histograms and data are exactly right, the paper quotes a one-in-ten-thousand (0.0001) chance that this bump is a fluke. That’s … Continue reading

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CMS Physics Results

Link on Title. All CMS public results can be found in CDS , and are categorized by subject (group) in this page. Publications and preprints on collision data, ordered by time, are available at this link. Publications on cosmic-ray data … Continue reading

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Photos: CERN – A tour of the large hadron collider

Photos: CERN – A tour of the large hadron collider Dialogos of Eide

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So what about the Missing Energy?

“Death, so called, is but older matter dressedIn some new form. And in a varied vest,From tenement to tenement though tossed,The soul is still the same, the figure only lost.” Poem on Pythagoras, Dryden’s Ovid. It is unfortunate to have … Continue reading

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Cascading Showers from the Cosmos

3) It is claimed that cosmic rays can energy exceeding that of colliders, and they have not caused trouble, suggesting that colliders will not cause trouble either. However, the analogy is not precise. It assumes two things that may not … Continue reading

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