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Holometer Revised This plot shows the sensitivity of various experiments to fluctuations in space and time. Horizontal axis is the log of apparatus size (or duration time the speed of light), in meters; vertical axis is the log of the … Continue reading

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Neutron interferometer

Lubos Motl: You have completely misunderstood the neutron gravitational interference experiment. They showed that the force acting on the neutron is simply not negligible. Quite on the contrary, these interference experiments could measure and did measure the gravitational acceleration – … Continue reading

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Gravity is Talking, LISA will Listen

It seems by measure the Interferometer has come a long way. If one recognizes how gravitational waves are measured, you come to understand how they can have a affect on laser light. Bee and Stefan of Backreaction have gone to … Continue reading

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Correlating Gravitational Wave Production in LIGO

Drawing by Glen Edwards, Utah State University, Logan, UT The most important thing is to be motivated by your own intellectual curiosity.KIP THORNE ***   Fig. 1. The four forces (or interactions) of Nature, their force carrying particles and the … Continue reading

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Gravity Wave Spectrum

PURPOSE: To show the two-dimensional standing waves on the surface of a square or circular plate. Early perception of sound as analogy to the ideas of the WMAP background were forming in my mind when Wayne HU was demonstrating the … Continue reading

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The Gravity People of our History

What good is a universe without somebody around to look at it?Robert Dicke John Archibald Wheeler (born July 9, 1911) is an eminent American theoretical physicist. One of the later collaborators of Albert Einstein, he tried to achieve Einstein’s vision … Continue reading

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The Ring of Truth

Savas Dimopoulos:Here’s an analogy to understand this: imagine that our universe is a two-dimensional pool table, which you look down on from the third spatial dimension. When the billiard balls collide on the table, they scatter into new trajectories across … Continue reading

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Gravitational Wave Detectors are Best Described as "Sounds."

Weber developed an experiment using a large suspended bar of aluminum, with a high resonant Q at a frequency of about 1 kH; the oscillation of the bar after it had been excited could be measured by a series of … Continue reading

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On Gauss’s Mountain

You must understand that any corrections necessary are appreciated. The geometrical process spoken too here must be understood in it’s historical development to undertand, how one can see differently. Euclidean geometry, elementary geometry of two and three dimensions (plane and … Continue reading

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