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Gravity Wave Spectrum

PURPOSE: To show the two-dimensional standing waves on the surface of a square or circular plate. Early perception of sound as analogy to the ideas of the WMAP background were forming in my mind when Wayne HU was demonstrating the … Continue reading

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Kip Thorne on Space Place Live and Cosmc Colors

The most important thing is to be motivated by your own intellectual curiosity. KIP THORNE Click here to watch Kip Thorne on Space Place Live. The “Color of Gravity to Sound” forces perspective. What can I say? It becomes an … Continue reading

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Production of Gravitational Waves

“My heart leaps up when I behold A rainbow in the sky.”William Wordsworth— My Heart Leaps Up This post is based on “the production” and not the detection of gravitational waves. It does serve it’s purpose, that I explain what … Continue reading

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Gravitational Wave Detectors are Best Described as "Sounds."

Weber developed an experiment using a large suspended bar of aluminum, with a high resonant Q at a frequency of about 1 kH; the oscillation of the bar after it had been excited could be measured by a series of … Continue reading

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Cosmological and Microstate Blackholes

Perspectives On Nature’s Greatest Puzzles Nima Arkani-Hamed: First rule of progress in science-better to follow your nose, then twiddle your thumbs My perspectives are elementary generalizations from the views of those at the forefront of theoretcical research into comprehenson of … Continue reading

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Great Circles

You would think with this uncertainty, that I had answered my own question about what Peter Woit has done, in terms of offering some substantiative understanding for rejection of string theory. But it doesn’t. Sometimes we rely on the roads … Continue reading

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Seeing Beyond the Mass and Density?

Fig.1: Generally Grouping Order increases the density of objects within a frame of reference, resulting in a more pronounced single object. To see beyond what we have taken for granted it is important that you understand how we got to … Continue reading

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Quantum Harmonic Oscillators

If the basis of this thinking has not emerged out of GR then what value could we have assigned zero point vibration? If the scalable features of GR could not have followed some geometrical thinking, then the world that we … Continue reading

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