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Things to scale in Powers of Ten

You know it won’t make sense until you see that the underlying perspective is as if you can look at the world with a microscope or, look at the universe in terms of a large scale. NanoTechnologies then are useful … Continue reading

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Strangelets and Strange Matter

Of course I will point to some of the “inherent nature” that some scientists encounter as they develop the geometrical basis to “all the concepts could ever mean?” But first, “the journey.” If not fundamental, though, quark nuggets zipping around … Continue reading

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Mersenne Prime: One < the Power of two

It looks as though primes tend to concentrate in certain curves that swoop away to the northwest and southwest, like the curve marked by the blue arrow. (The numbers on that curve are of the form x(x+1) + 41, the … Continue reading

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Understanding the Tonal

Sir Isaac Newton So, you have your units, and the powers of ten? Distances shorter than 1 µm 1 micrometre (micron)Items with lengths between 1-10 µm (microns)1.55 µm — wavelength of light used in optical fibre6 µm — anthrax spore6-8 … Continue reading

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Historical Approach of the Sand Reckoner

I should pave the way for how the thoughts that are unfolding this morning. But nothing afflicted Marcellus so much as the death of Archimedes, who was then, as fate would have it, intent upon working out some problem by … Continue reading

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At What "Point" does the Universe Make itself Known?

According to the basic laws of physics, every wavelength of electromagnetic radiation corresponds to a specific amount of energy. The NIST/ILL team determined the value for energy in the Einstein equation, E = mc2, by carefully measuring the wavelength of … Continue reading

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Foundational Perspectives

Do I work in construction, of course not. But I like models we develope. How we go about building them. While I may have developed them in my own mental and physical life, this entry, is about what the youth … Continue reading

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Intuitive Self and Structure: My Past

One qubit at a time by the Economist COMPUTING is about to hit a problem. In each new generation the components are smaller than they were in its predecessor, and the speed at which this miniaturisation is happening means that … Continue reading

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Tabula rasa: The Glass Room

For a person like me, I would want to define the origination and source of all possibilites. While it might have been a philosophical journey of John Locke, or further rendition by Stephen Pinker. I have a perspective on this, … Continue reading

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Strings: The First Three Seconds

I didn’t want to invoke God here, but in any “flash” is there not some pattern that mathematically needed to describe the way everything began? A word, or sound? An equation means nothing to me unless it expresses a thought … Continue reading

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