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Six Years Gone By

Winter Shangrila Dialogos of Eide

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Concepts Fade to Moments

Relativity, by M. C. Escher. Lithograph, 1953. Source: Official M.C. Escher website. Of course I struggle “with” as to be free and in liberation of, as if to liberate oneself from all the constraints that we have applied to our … Continue reading

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Wildlife at Home

Yes you may of noticed the date is wrong again on the camera. Every time we take the batteries out for charging, we loose that date. It dawned on me at this moment and wondered if there is another internal … Continue reading

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Winter Shangrila

As to the date stamped on the pictures these are the correct ones. Mother Nature has sent us about another ten inches since then. As some of you know, I spent about seven months in 2007 building this house with … Continue reading

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Progress on the House

(Please ignore the date on the picture as it was taken yesterday by my wife.) One of the first things that I will be doing is getting a new satellite system called Xplorinet to replace the dial up service I … Continue reading

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Back to Normal?

Hardly. It’s been some months since I had been using my own computer. Building our new home, we had to make some adjustments. One of these being, not having our computer setup. We are quite pleased with the work that … Continue reading

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Foundation Done

Footings and foundation walls have been completed. Tomorrow we will lay all the wiring that is necessary and then we will backfill and compact the foundation area. I would have liked to add more, as the foundation process is very … Continue reading

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Electrical Shed

I really miss doing my study of those things scientists engage in, but getting ready for the work ahead, the planning stages, are always important. Just as anything in life is, when you decide to undertake any move, or change … Continue reading

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On Newton and Alchemistry

I am working from a temporay connection so it is not easy to check back in and respond as quickly as I would like too. We are in the midst of lining up our contractors I will be using. So … Continue reading

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String Theory Crib Sheet

http://seedmagazine.com/images/uploads/cribsheet9.pdf My wife and I are in transient, so I am posting this from my oldest daughters home. We head back to our home town and set up for living for the next month in new travel trailer we purchased. … Continue reading

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