On Newton and Alchemistry

I am working from a temporay connection so it is not easy to check back in and respond as quickly as I would like too.

We are in the midst of lining up our contractors I will be using. So part of the vision of building our new home has taken up a lot of my time.

I was up last night about 2:00 in the morning, as I am recovering from shift work that throuws odd hours of living to times I can work my interests.

It was at this time in the morning that I turned on our little Televison that we have put in our little 19ft trailer we are currently living. We are doing this while I prep the property for new construction. Moving from a larger home to a small habitat has us thinking about space and what we really needed.

Children gone, and what we are considering in our 1300 sg. ft home, has us in a position where we living in a small space, I think we will appreciate the 1300 Sq. Ft. immensely.


While science guides my mind in terms of expeirmental processes, I am not without what is important when I speak about the alchemist at work. While I may refer to Newton’s work in alchemistry it is hidden in allegorical settiings that would have past quickly for the mind to see further then what it can accept in reality.

Are you just passing time? Bored? There is much that can be learned from Newton in his reserved life, away from, what was the standard then?

Solitary in his work “the mind likes to search” the fabrications that may have been put before it. Mathematically, as well as ventourous as the child may be in all of us, to understand nature.

I again always fall back on what is awaiting to be discovered, that is out there, and that with minds ready will see, while we may not see.

Life is this way in that your probabilty and outcome from the path you walked, allowed you to see what you will see. If I had never walked your life, how would I know of your experiences?

PBS on Newton

The program reaffirnmed for me all the work I had been doing on my own as I found this reported inthe PBS series on Newton.

It brought back to me the importance of Gravity, as it has been defined in the equations of Newton. It brings to me today’s issues and the work in Eotwash.

Becuase of my understanding of the alchemcial process and the work that was done repeating the experiments of Newton’s allegorical statements, I point to this as reaffirmation of the process that gravity plays.

I would depart from this science developement, to include a farther vision I have in regards to the psychological I am placing in regards to gravity, that would leave most scientist against the work I am doing here.

That is just part of me. That I may practise somekind of religion in relation to science has me holding my personal views, yet knowing full well, what is required of me in the avenues of science.

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