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Do We Create the Reality by Observing

Anton Zeilinger heads up the IQOQI lab in Vienna. Photograph by Mark Mahaney. Zeilinger and his group have only just begun to consider the grand implications of all their work for reality and our world. Like others in their field, … Continue reading

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Quantum Computing

Towards quantum chemistry on a quantum computer B. P. Lanyon1,2, J. D. Whitfield4, G. G. Gillett1,2, M. E. Goggin1,5, M. P. Almeida1,2, I. Kassal4, J. D. Biamonte4,6, M. Mohseni4,6, B. J. Powell1,3, M. Barbieri1,2,6, A. Aspuru-Guzik4 & A. G. White1,2 … Continue reading

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Frogs, Foam and Fuel: UC Researchers Convert Solar Energy to Sugars

Photos By: Illustration by Megan Gundrum, fifth-year DAAP student For decades, farmers have been trying to find ways to get more energy out of the sun. In natural photosynthesis, plants take in solar energy and carbon dioxide and then convert … Continue reading

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Filling the Universe with Sand

One of the “Silicon Avogadro Spheres” at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), Teddington, UK. See:Counting Atoms in a Sphere Stefan writes… To measure means to count. We measure a length by counting marks on a ruler, and a time span … Continue reading

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The World of Information

I suppose the body to be nothing but a statue or machine made of earth, which God forms with the explicit intention of making it as much as possible like us‚ÄĚDescartes’ Views on the Pineal Gland (click on image for … Continue reading

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