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The Belle B Factory Experiment

Existing standard hadrons and exotic hadrons. At the B Factory experiment, a series of new exotic mesons containing charm quarks (c) have been discovered. Unlike these exotic mesons, the newly discovered Zb particles contain bottom quarks (b) and have an … Continue reading

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Asymptotic freedom

 Witten: One thing I can tell you, though, is that most string theorist’s suspect that spacetime is a emergent Phenomena in the language of condensed matter physics. *** In physics, asymptotic freedom is a property of some gauge theories that … Continue reading

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QGP Research Advances

“We can say that the system definitely flows like a liquid,” says Harris. One of the first lead-ion collisions in the LHC as recorded by the ATLAS experiment on November 8, 2010. Image courtesy CERN. *** Scientists from the ALICE … Continue reading

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Collider Detector at Fermilab and Slac

Current evidence shows that neutrinos do oscillate, which indicates that neutrinos do have mass. The Los Alamos data revealed a muon anti-neutrino cross over to an electron neutrino. This type of oscillation is difficult to explain using only the three … Continue reading

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Lisa Randall on Xtra Dimensions

In physics, Randall-Sundrum models imagine that the real world is a higher-dimensional Universe described by warped geometry. More concretely, our Universe is a five-dimensional anti de Sitter space and the elementary particles except for the graviton are localized on a … Continue reading

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The Higg’s Boson and Memory?

While some like chocolate bars and the bubble nature of candy, some also like the molasses and ice cream? 🙂 If Plato Had thought “the new born” was not really such a “blank slate” then what did he mean exactly? … Continue reading

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"Lead by Physics," Faces the "Trouble With Physics"

The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Laboratory is a world-class scientific research facility that began operation in 2000, following 10 years of development and construction. Hundreds of physicists from around the world use RHIC to study what … Continue reading

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Why do physicists want to study particles?

A few “cosmic rays” pass through our body every second of every day, regardless of where we are. They consist of particles created when high energy atomic nuclei (mainly protons) coming from outer space collide with the atoms at the … Continue reading

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What is Natural?

Fig. 2. Image showing how an 8 TeV black hole might look in the ATLAS detector (with the caveat that there are still uncertainties in the theoretical calculations). The question I would pose to those who do not have the … Continue reading

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Beyond Spacetime?

As well as bringing the accelerator’s counter-rotating beams together, LHC insertion magnets also have to separate them after collision. This is the job of dedicated separators, and the US Brookhaven Laboratory is developing superconducting magnets for this purpose. Brookhaven is … Continue reading

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