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Part of Facing the Trouble With Physics

It might be that the laws change absolutely with time; that gravity for instance varies with time and that this inverse square law has a strength which depends on how long it is since the beginning of time. In other … Continue reading

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GRand Quantum Conjecture

My continued looked into the “fluids dynamics” had me wonder about the superfluid anomalies. How would the “sphere look” if it collapsed and allowed information to travel through it, based on what has been given here for perspective, when the … Continue reading

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Sonofusion Analogies in Geometric design?

Every picture held in mind is a link to other pictures? The larger context of the universe, is now seen in how our minds evolving such a reality through such thought constructs( it’s bits and pieces) that it is not … Continue reading

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What Comes Next?

What Lies Beneath, by Eugene Samuel Likewise, if the very fabric of the Universe is in a quantum-critical state, then the “stuff” that underlies reality is totally irrelevant-it could be anything, says Laughlin. Even if the string theorists show that … Continue reading

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Coleman-De Luccia instanton

IN what way could some consistent measure be thought of, that such conditions while recognized in the false vacuum, and, with conditions of high energy considerations, be realized into useful information surrounding this move to the true vacuum? It would … Continue reading

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Increase in Output of Inverse Square Law Calculatons ?

Oh my poor layman brain. It hurts. String theory and the crisis in particle physics by Bert Schroer The third point of the list is perhaps the most serious one. A theory which has in more than 30 years been … Continue reading

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Nature in Analog Models

Plato: “For everyone, as I think, must see that astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.” Oh! how complete our world view would be, that I have moved quickly to the very … Continue reading

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Quark Stars

Quark stars signal unstable universe By William J. Cromie Gazette Staff In orbit around Earth, a satellite called the Chandra X-ray Observatory surveys the universe for sources of X-rays, which come from hot, active places. Such places include neutron stars, … Continue reading

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Accretion Disks

“For everyone, as I think, must see that astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.” Plato Lubos Motl: One of the potentially far-reaching consequences of Eva’s and Gary’s paper is that they … Continue reading

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IN Viscosity State Production is ?

Thus, a black hole can be created with such energy packed into the corresponding length scale. These mini black hole will evaporate in 10-88 seconds, losing most of its mass by Hawking radiation. It is estimated that the final burst … Continue reading

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