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Nature is the Architect

…..and we are it’s builders? So beyond indeed, is the static realization of the structure of things. This is a more definable recognition of something that is very fluid and expressive. It is by our own humanistic natures that we … Continue reading

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Newton’s inverse-square (1/r2) law

The standard model of particle physics is a self-contained picture of fundamental particles and their interactions. Physicists, on a journey from solid matter to quarks and gluons, via atoms and nuclear matter, may have reached the foundation level of fields … Continue reading

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Tomatoe Soup is Physical?

Spacetime in String Theory, by Gary Horowitz Of course, one get’s to thnking about where all this theoretical stuff is taking us, and the result of such conclusions become interesting in having consumed the model assumptions? Having Grokked it? So … Continue reading

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What a Good String Theorist Should Know?

Arthur MillerEinstein and Schr√∂dinger never fully accepted the highly abstract nature of Heisenberg’s quantum mechanics, says Miller. They agreed with Galileo’s assertion that “the book of nature is written in mathematics”, but they also realized the power of using visual … Continue reading

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KK Tower

Like many people who devote their time to understanding the nature of the cosmo and the micro perspective of the world around us, these things have their own motivational packages which move to further rquired comprehensions. In that, one needs … Continue reading

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Collapse of the Blackhole

String theory grew out of attempts to find a simple and elegant way to account for the diversity of particles and forces observed in our universe. The starting point was to assume that there might be a way to account … Continue reading

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Some Distant Bounding Surface

I mean when I referred to fifth dimensional views you know that the computer screen includes not only it’s functionability in relation to science, but adds that bit of extended flavour to model construction we call imaging right? a) Compactifying … Continue reading

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The Black Hole Final State

Mathematics is not the rigid and rigidity-producing schema that the layman thinks it is; rather, in it we find ourselves at that meeting point of constraint and freedom that is the very essence of human nature. – Hermann Weyl It … Continue reading

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Expansitory Valuation of a Circle with Gravity?

If conceived as a series of ever-wider experiential contexts, nested one within the other like a set of Chinese boxes, consciousness can be thought of as wrapping back around on itself in such a way that the outermost ‘context’ is … Continue reading

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Compactifying a 3-D universe with two space dimensions and one time dimension.

How do we learn to deal with these abstract spaces, but to have considered the following: (a) Compactifying a 3-D universe with two space dimensions and one time dimension. This is a simplification of the 5-D space¬≠time considered by Theodor … Continue reading

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