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Hippies, Rock Bands, and Woodstock

There is a reason for this article. Bee was kind to point to this article, ““Artist on LSD” for consideration. 2 hours 45 minutes after first dose. Patient tries to climb into activity box, and is generally agitated – responds … Continue reading

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Window Into the Mind

As we increase our knowledge of the genetic, neural and cognitive aspects of synaesthesia, we will find that we are beginning to understand the brain more completely. Researchers may wish that they possessed synaesthesia, but being able to explore a … Continue reading

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Music of Hemispheres

Hearing Colors, Tasting Shapes By Vilayanur S. Ramachandran and Edward M. Hubbard Modern scientists have known about synesthesia since 1880, when Francis Galton, a cousin of Charles Darwin, published a paper in Nature on the phenomenon. But most have brushed … Continue reading

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Status of "Warp Drive"

Time is of your own making; its clock ticks in your head. The moment you stop thought time too stops dead. Angelus Silesius The plot created here in this post in this fictional sense(?) so that I too may deal … Continue reading

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Tonal Perception Changes

Sir Isaac Newton It is true without lying, certain and most true. That which is Below is like that which is Above and that which is Above is like that which is Below to do the miracles of the Only … Continue reading

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Back to the Beginning of Time

While some of us who had been engaged in a little prehistory examination of earliest QGP states as glast determination of high energy photons, the question, “to Be or not to be,” how could we not ask what Professor Susskind … Continue reading

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Understanding the Tonal

Sir Isaac Newton So, you have your units, and the powers of ten? Distances shorter than 1 µm 1 micrometre (micron)Items with lengths between 1-10 µm (microns)1.55 µm — wavelength of light used in optical fibre6 µm — anthrax spore6-8 … Continue reading

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The Higg’s Boson and Memory?

While some like chocolate bars and the bubble nature of candy, some also like the molasses and ice cream? 🙂 If Plato Had thought “the new born” was not really such a “blank slate” then what did he mean exactly? … Continue reading

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