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Nature is the Architect

…..and we are it’s builders? So beyond indeed, is the static realization of the structure of things. This is a more definable recognition of something that is very fluid and expressive. It is by our own humanistic natures that we … Continue reading

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Mersenne Prime: One < the Power of two

It looks as though primes tend to concentrate in certain curves that swoop away to the northwest and southwest, like the curve marked by the blue arrow. (The numbers on that curve are of the form x(x+1) + 41, the … Continue reading

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Visual Abstraction to Equations

Sylvester’s models lay hidden away for a long time, but recently the Mathematical Institute received a donation to rescue some of them. Four of these were carefully restored by Catherine Kimber of the Ashmolean Museum and now sit in an … Continue reading

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Computer Language and Math Joined from Artistic Impressionism?

Most people think of “seeing” and “observing” directly with their senses. But for physicists, these words refer to much more indirect measurements involving a train of theoretical logic by which we can interpret what is “seen.”- Lisa Randall Cubist Art: … Continue reading

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Spacetime 101

Here’s some basic background covering how mathematical models of space and time have evolved since ancient times, from the Pythagorean Rule to Newtonian mechanics, Special Relativity and General Relativity. For the roads leading to one’s view of the strange world … Continue reading

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How to understand this quantum-to-classical transition linking two incompatible descriptions of reality is still a matter of debate among the various interpretations of quantum theory. In any case, one can probe the borderline between the classical and the quantum realm … Continue reading

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The Succession of thinking

How far indeed the the imagination can be taken to see such processes enveloped in how we percieve these changes all around us. Why is gravity so weak, here and now. I have jumped ahead but will lead into it … Continue reading

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Kilometric Radiation?

So we use physics in ways to change the way we see? Here are some examles from the Cassini Project and Wikipedia. Cassini Plasma Spectrometer (CAPS) The Cassini Plasma Spectrometer (CAPS) is a direct sensing instrument that measures the energy … Continue reading

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Where to Now?

Once you see parts of the picture, belonging to the whole, then it becomes clear what a nice picture we will have?:) I used it originally for the question of the idea of a royal road to geometry, but have … Continue reading

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