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When Black Holes Collide

See also: What Happens When Black Holes Collide? – Kip Thorne   Dialogos of Eide

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Inside Einstein’s Mind

See Also: Inside Einstein’s Mind | NOVA – PBS Documentary  Dialogos of Eide

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The LIGO and Virgo Gravitational-Wave Detectors

An artist’s impression of two stars orbiting each other (left). The orbit shrinks as the system emits gravitational waves (middle). When the stars merge (right), there is a resulting powerful emission of gravitational waves. [Image: NASA] The LIGO and Virgo … Continue reading

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Google Books Library Project

What’s the goal of this project? The Library Project’s aim is simple: make it easier for people to find relevant books – specifically, books they wouldn’t find any other way such as those that are out of print – while … Continue reading

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Energy Boost From Shock Front

Main Components of CNGS A 400 GeV/c proton beam is extracted from the SPS in 10.5 microsecond short pulses of 2.4×1013 protons per pulse. The proton beam is transported through the transfer line TT41 to the CNGS target T40. The … Continue reading

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Ring World

Impact armor, a flexible form of clothing that hardens instantly into a rigid form stronger than steel when rapidly deformed (for example, by the impact of a projectile such as a bullet) – a technology which is quickly approaching reality; … Continue reading

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Moore’s Law Endangered?

Moore’s Law(wikipedia 28 May 2006) Moore’s law is the empirical observation that the complexity of integrated circuits, with respect to minimum component cost, doubles every 24 months[1]. Clifford, in writing the brief article of interest, he relays another article here … Continue reading

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Developement of Disbelief

As you read, hold on to the thought about stringy/M theory developement. Richard Denton: I discovered that it was simply philosophy on its own that had played the very much larger role in the gradual erosion of belief. This is … Continue reading

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Harmonic Oscillation

This “math sense” has to become part of one’s makeup? An inductive process. Experimentally challenged. Deductive. If such a idea is held from weak to strong idealizations in terms of comological views, then you get this sense of “energy valuations” … Continue reading

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A Supersymmetrical Valuation of Where things Began

Of course “phase transitions” and “asymmetrical realizations” had to arise from developmental processes in the universe? One had to know, in what sphere such developemental would take place, and if we circumvented all these chinese boxes or Russina dolls to … Continue reading

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