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Quantum Reality: Space, Time, and Entanglement

See: Quantum Reality: Space, Time, and Entanglement Dialogos of Eide

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Before an Equation is Beautiful…..

┬áSo we go after the essence of things in a logical way? A question then that comes to mind is that if equations can become beautiful what were equations before? If taken in context of Aristotle, Objective deduction of information … Continue reading

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The State of String Theory by Brian Greene

See: Brian Greene *** See Also: Brian Greene’s talk on the state of string theory Dialogos of Eide

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Nova: The Fabric of the Cosmos

The Fabric of the Cosmos Watch a live webcast with Brian Greene November 2 at 10pm – Watch the webcast. Hosted by The World Science Festival, Columbia University, and NOVA, this webcast will allow in-theatre and digital audiences to further explore … Continue reading

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Universality Can Lead too, Isostatic Adjustment

Pressure and heat melts protons and neutrons into a new state of matter – the quark gluon plasma. Quark Gluon Plasma Now you must know that this entry holds philosophical perspective and is the mandate of Night Light Mining Company … Continue reading

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The Last Mimzy

Is Based on the short story by Lewis Padgett. It is a story about two children who find this strange box on the beach and with it begins the strange journey of discovery. I really enjoyed this show even though … Continue reading

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Heralded from the 21st Century: String Theory

I know not how, may find their way to the minds of humanity in Some Dimensionality, and may stir up a race of rebels who shall refuse to be confined to limited Dimensionality.” from Flatland, by E. A. Abbott It … Continue reading

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Symmetry in Psychological Action

Our basic premise is that minuscule apparent violations of Lorentz and CPT invariance might be observable in nature. The idea is that the violations would arise as suppressed effects from a more fundamental theory. We have shown in our publications … Continue reading

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The Radius of the Little Circle

Where a dictionary proceeds in a circular manner, defining a word by reference to another, the basic concepts of mathematics are infinitely closer to an indecomposable element”, a kind of elementary particle” of thought with a minimal amount of ambiguity … Continue reading

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The History of "Star Shine to Now"

In “The String Saga of Star Shine” I gave a distant measure of how we might seen any event from that time to now. But before I begin I wanted to link Lubos’s mention of article from David G to … Continue reading

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