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Raychaudhuri Equation

Is it sand running through our fingers, or a taffy like substance, in symbolic form? The difference, discretium and fluidity of nature, geometrically/topologically driven, are at war with what we might interpret in time? Early on, Salvador Dali understood well … Continue reading

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Stretching the Brain

Pettit shakes a remarkably sturdy film of water onboard the ISS. See the full-length movie: Reel 1, Reel 2. “Observations of nature, no matter how seemingly arcane, are like peeling off one more layer from the great onion of knowledge, … Continue reading

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The Emergence of Time, What Lies Beneath?

The intuitive classical space-time picture breaks down in quantum gravity, which makes a comparison and the development of semiclassical techniques quite complicated. Taken in context of how supersymmetrical levels could have ever been reached, is really a wonderful thnng to … Continue reading

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