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Conformal Cyclic Cosmology….

Penrose’s Conformal Cyclic Cosmology, from one of his Pittsburgh lecture slides in June, 2009. Photo by Bryan W. Roberts Also see: BEFORE THE BIG BANG: AN OUTRAGEOUS NEW PERSPECTIVE AND ITS IMPLICATIONS FOR PARTICLE PHYSICS ……. (CCC) is a cosmological … Continue reading

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Quantum Computing

Towards quantum chemistry on a quantum computer B. P. Lanyon1,2, J. D. Whitfield4, G. G. Gillett1,2, M. E. Goggin1,5, M. P. Almeida1,2, I. Kassal4, J. D. Biamonte4,6, M. Mohseni4,6, B. J. Powell1,3, M. Barbieri1,2,6, A. Aspuru-Guzik4 & A. G. White1,2 … Continue reading

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The Plane of Simultaneity

This blog entry was constructed to reply to the conversation that is going on in the issue of the “Block Universe.” See: Penrose and Quanglement Entanglement and the New Physics In the past, teleportation has only been possible with particles … Continue reading

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Deja Vue?

NewScientistSpace-How to be in two places at once The basis of this post is in answer to Bee’s question in relation to, “Back to the Beginning of Time.” Bee writes: interesting post. A question: what does it mean for the … Continue reading

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Quantum Entanglement: Do We Need a Radically New Spacetime/Quantum Worldview

I have been thinking hard and heavy about how such information could have been translated from the horizon of a blackhole. IN post previous post this interaction and thinking has been directed in Gerard ‘t Hooft focus. In light of … Continue reading

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Roger Penrose and the Quanglement

Order and Chaos, by Escher (lithograph, 1950) I will give Peter Woit and the group time to formulate the topic that should present itself shortly on their blog gathering. How the integration and question presented by Penrose was very helpful … Continue reading

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