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Thinking Outside the Box, People Like Veneziano, Turok and Penrose

Credit: V.G.Gurzadyan and R.Penrose Dark circles indicate regions in space where the cosmic microwave background has temperature variations that are lower than average. The features hint that the universe was born long before the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago … Continue reading

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Heralded from the 21st Century: String Theory

I know not how, may find their way to the minds of humanity in Some Dimensionality, and may stir up a race of rebels who shall refuse to be confined to limited Dimensionality.” from Flatland, by E. A. Abbott It … Continue reading

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Lisa Randall on Xtra Dimensions

In physics, Randall-Sundrum models imagine that the real world is a higher-dimensional Universe described by warped geometry. More concretely, our Universe is a five-dimensional anti de Sitter space and the elementary particles except for the graviton are localized on a … Continue reading

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George Gabriel Stokes

Sir George Gabriel Stokes, 1st Baronet (13 August 1819–1 February 1903) was an Irish mathematician and physicist, who at Cambridge made important contributions to fluid dynamics (including the Navier-Stokes equations), optics, and mathematical physics (including Stokes’ theorem). He was secretary, … Continue reading

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Window on the Universe

Michio Kaku: I like to compare it to wandering in the desert, and stumbling over a tiny pebble. When we push away the sand, we find that this “pebble” is actually the tip of a gargantuan pyramid. After years of … Continue reading

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Now, here is a SuperNova for Real

The Crab Nebula from VLT Credit: FORS Team, 8.2-meter VLT, ESO Now the “ultimate proof” is to hold in our hands the matters defined by objects. This is the culmination of all dimensional perspectives, being “condensed to the moment” we … Continue reading

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Star Lite Public Outreach

In regards to the QGP(Quark Gluon Plasma) I thought such a creation important from the ideas of what happens in assessing any beginning? <a href="; target=_blank title="Public Service Announcement: Black Holes @ RHIC-March 17 2005-Peter Steinberg”> This thought arose from … Continue reading

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Before I was to ask the question below I had gone through the links given by Alejandro RIvero and in and thinking of the work I had been doing to understand this relation between mathematics and the physics world. Of … Continue reading

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Bulk Perspective, As Sound?

Let’s say, it all depends on how you would like to look at the universe. Develope your constructs, to tell you how it is the universe came into being and such. A picture then, could become a thousand words? Links … Continue reading

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What a Good String Theorist Should Know?

Arthur MillerEinstein and Schrödinger never fully accepted the highly abstract nature of Heisenberg’s quantum mechanics, says Miller. They agreed with Galileo’s assertion that “the book of nature is written in mathematics”, but they also realized the power of using visual … Continue reading

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