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A Inherent Pattern of Consciousness

This image depicts the interaction of nine plane waves—expanding sets of ripples, like the waves you would see if you simultaneously dropped nine stones into a still pond. The pattern is called a quasicrystal because it has an ordered structure, … Continue reading

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Model Building in Life

“…underwriting the form languages of ever more domains of mathematics is a set of deep patterns which not only offer access to a kind of ideality that Plato claimed to see the universe as created with in the Timaeus; more … Continue reading

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Exploring Subtle Levels of Consciouness

 In 2004 I struggled to define the mapping…while speaking in terms of Kaluza/Klein and fifth dimension. Today I am fully aware of the mathematically representation in terms of the use of dimensions.  At the time this was related to spirit.  … Continue reading

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RE: Jung Typology Test

 I am re-posting this blog subject today taken from 2008  Also it seems that having taken test Monday, November 24, 2008   Via David Berenstein, via Clifford Johnson, I’ve piped our blog into the Typealyzer, which allegedly “is able to guess … Continue reading

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The Lived Past and the Anticipated Future.

the autobiographical self has prompted extended memory, reasoning, imagination, creativity and language. And out of that came the instruments of culture — religions, justice, trade, the arts, science, technology. And it is within that culture that we really can get … Continue reading

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Einstein Tower

Just wondering when the Einstein Tower was built? See:Science Park “Albert Einstein” Potsdam The connection to the design of the tower and the comment on pueblo design sparked familiarity with a image of a tower on the edge of the … Continue reading

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Mapping the Internet Brain and Consciousness

Partial map of the Internet based on the January 15, 2005 data found on Each line is drawn between two nodes, representing two IP addresses. The length of the lines are indicative of the delay between those two nodes. … Continue reading

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The kaleidoscope as a distillate condensate

A contemporary mandala made from a photograph of tree fungi.See:Mandala On another level it meant that what Plato saw a a description of the cave experience was also an orientation of perspective internally as well recognition in the external world … Continue reading

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Rising Above the Duality

The Tao of heaven is to take from those who have too much and give to those who do not have enough. Man’s way is different. He takes from those who do not have enough to give to those who … Continue reading

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Distortions of Reality

Pure land: Painted 19th century Tibetan mandala of the Naropa tradition, Vajrayogini stands in the center of two crossed red triangles, Rubin Museum of Art Pure land Mandala in Buddhist iconography, especially sand mandala are ‘pure lands’ and may be … Continue reading

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