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When You Look at the Cosmos……?

Scientists have turned up rare evidence that space-time is smooth as Einstein predicted, while pushing closer to a complete theory of gravity. From NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope. See: … might be enamored with … Continue reading

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The Bolshoi simulation

A virtual world?  The more complex the data base the more accurate one’s simulation is achieved. The point is though that you have to capture scientific processes through calorimeter examinations just as you do in the LHC. So these backdrops … Continue reading

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ALICE EMCal installation with Peter Jacobs

Researcher Peter Jacobs explains what’s happening as the final pieces of the ALICE experiment’s electromagnetic calorimeter, or EMCal, are installed on Jan. 18 2012. Check out the symmetry breaking story for more.   Jan 4, 2011 EMCAL Super Module installation … Continue reading

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Measurement of the neutrino velocity with the OPERA detector

Scanning results tau decays New results from OPERA on neutrino propertieslive from Main Amphitheatre. “This result comes as a complete surprise,” said OPERA spokesperson, Antonio Ereditato of the University of Bern. “After many months of studies and cross checks we … Continue reading

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Atlas Experiment :Tile Calorimeter Barrel

Atlas Photos The tile calorimeter will collect the energy released in the LHC’s proton-proton collisions. Special plastic manufacturing techniques have been adapted to mass produce the ATLAS elements. Dialogos of Eide

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Color of Gravity 4

This is the most important song I’ve ever written, it’s a time capsule song. I will listen to it every day of my life if I need to. It’s honest to God the most important song I’ve ever written in … Continue reading

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The Synapse of the Wondering Mind

Click here for Penrose’s Seminar While trying to organize my thoughts about the title of this blog entry, it becomes apparent to me that the potential of neurological transposition of electrical pulses is part of the function of the physical … Continue reading

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Probing the early and present Universe with Planck

Date: 05 Jul 2010Satellite: PlanckCopyright: ESA, HFI and LFI consortia  This multi-colour all-sky image of the microwave sky has been synthesized using data spanning the full frequency range of Planck, which covers the electromagnetic spectrum from 30 to 857 GHz. … Continue reading

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Calorimetric Equivalence Principle Test

With Stefan shutting down the blog temporary I thought to gather my thoughts here. Gravitomagnetism This approximate reformulation of gravitation as described by general relativity makes a “fictitious force” appear in a frame of reference different from a moving, gravitating … Continue reading

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Fermi Records Lighthouse Effect

John Keats talked of “unweaving the rainbow”, suggesting that Newton destroyed the beauty of nature by analysing light with a prism and splitting it into different colours. Keats was being a prat. Physicists also smile when we see rainbows, but … Continue reading

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