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Process Fractal vs Geometry Fractals

Let proportion be found not only in numbers, but also in sounds, weights, times and positions, and whatever force there is.Leonardo Da Vinci The Mandelbrot set, seen here in an image generated by NOVA, epitomizes the fractal. Photo credit: © … Continue reading

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Where are my keys?

“Yet I exist in the hope that these memoirs, in some manner, I know not how, may find their way to the minds of humanity in Some Dimensionality, and may stir up a race of rebels who shall refuse to … Continue reading

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Hyperbolic Geometry and it’s Rise

Omar Khayyám the mathematician(6 april 2006 Wikipedia) He was famous during his lifetime as a mathematician, well known for inventing the method of solving cubic equations by intersecting a parabola with a circle. Although his approach at achieving this had … Continue reading

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Big Ideas…..To String Theory

Plato said: yes to Gauss and gaussian coordinates, not forgetting, Saccheri, Bolyai and Lobschevasky along this lineage of geometers On the Hypotheses which lie at the Bases of Geometry So A continuation from this, and reference to important papers for … Continue reading

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On the Hypothese at the foundations of Geometry

I am trying to make my case on the greatest physics paper over at Cosmic Variance. One notices the slight misinterpretation I assigned, “geometical propensity to physics” that the case is more then just physi,s but the limmerack added envisioned, … Continue reading

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Where to Now?

Once you see parts of the picture, belonging to the whole, then it becomes clear what a nice picture we will have?:) I used it originally for the question of the idea of a royal road to geometry, but have … Continue reading

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No Royal Road to Geometry?

All those who have written histories bring to this point their account of the development of this science. Not long after these men came Euclid, who brought together the Elements, systematizing many of the theorems of Eudoxus, perfecting many of … Continue reading

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