Strings: The First Three Seconds

I didn’t want to invoke God here, but in any “flash” is there not some pattern that mathematically needed to describe the way everything began? A word, or sound?

An equation means nothing to me unless it expresses a thought of God.Srinivasa Ramanujan

Before the Beginning
Interview with Sir Martin Rees, Part 2

Helen Matsos (HM):

Last year the big “science event” was measuring the cosmic microwave background and dating the big bang to 13.8 billion years ago, within an 8 to 10 percent margin of error. Can you give us some idea of the boundaries of the big bang — what was it like in the first seconds, and how far will the universe expand in the future?

So indeed the universe become entrophically considered, as the evidence starts to make itself known in all it’s forms, yet there is a space. Now by itself, such expression of the universe would have one event, but imagine down on earth our moments, can cause such repercussions ahead in time?


You played yourself–twice–in the movie, “Frequency”. The movie is about a father communicating from 1969 with his son in the present on a ham radio, due to an unusual atmospheric aurora that bounces radio signals across time, not just space. You played Brian Greene being interviewed by Dick Cavett as both a younger and older man. Any reflections on either the interesting premise of the movie, or the adventures of being on the big screen?

So how we categorize such encounters with the child in our hopes of encouraging it’s future, or our very presence and example lead. As a sign post, of what any society could become in the eye of good moral men and women? So one can move quietly no doubt and remain unseen, while the work can be a gentle reminder, of how we can affect “each” in time. Words like “etc” that could take on greater meaning, to have the hand slight a deletion. Remember how sensitive we can be to music? In Plato’s academy I had made this point clear. I make clear what dissonance can do:)It can definitiely ruffle the field. Straight up and straight forward, a comment should do for those that would like to learn.

Brian Greene

Time is far more subtle than our everyday experience would lead us to believe. In many ways, time may simply be a psychological construct for organizing the world. It is a device we scientists have found useful, but it may in fact be a dim approximation of something far more complex.”

WEll here is a better view on the relation to the The Powers of Ten

I talked briefly on the “chance encounter” of a child with a scientist, and the alluring role of powers of ten takes on. As if, it can “reverberate” in the probabilities of a future time.

Who is responsible for this creative surge?:)Creative endeavors, are always fueled by another?

IN such a cultural context, how is it that we could not see underlying reality is a musical inclination taken form in what any future could become. So, by the very value of the resonance contained, a feature of any moment?

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