It’s Reason for Being

See:Central Theme is the Sun

When looking at the entropic valuation of the way the universe one can just plainly accept the insight that heat when cooled can manifest the objects of that reality. Just simply accept this without thinking about it’s finer dispositions?

Infinite regress is limited by the very logic presented, and any intention that such probability will play an important part in the outcome. You have to have a lot of information to be able to do this. Pattern recognition then accepts some foundational need for interpretation other then, what one assumes is the basis of the argument, which also is constraint by that limitation.

Plants soak up some of the 1017 joules of solar energy that bathe Earth each second, harvesting as much as 95 percent of it from the light they absorb. The transformation of sunlight into carbohydrates takes place in one million billionths of a second, preventing much of that energy from dissipating as heat. But exactly how plants manage this nearly instantaneous trick has remained elusive. Now biophysicists at the University of California, Berkeley, have shown that plants use the basic principle of quantum computing—the exploration of a multiplicity of different answers at the same time—to achieve near-perfect efficiency.

See: When It Comes to Photosynthesis, Plants Perform Quantum Computation

While the life cycle is readily apparent, it does not explain the potential nor the expression of how this “motivation came into being.” That one can say that there is the subtle and then the gross, and think this is the nature of the world. That by rubbing one’s hands and creating friction and heat, they have somehow supplanted the idea as a question about the world and wonder where information fits in. Somehow having the idea of starting a fire “with a cylinder shape,” somehow deeper defines the meaning of that question about the information then just hands rubbing. That cylinder, is a measure of the strings value.

So the hand rubbing becomes a thing of the world in its scientific notation as the basis of interpretation. One wonders then, how indeed such a thought came to them and thusly, to have express itself as a model of acceptance. We have thusly define the idea in this context of information as something that rests in the probabilistic expression, and that the ideal is something that manifests from such a field of probabilities. The nature here then, is that “any idea has a much finer disposition” then what the ideal represents in reality.

(The Fifth Dimension)
Idea of the pipe
/ \
/ \
/ \
Picture of the pipe
/ \
/ \
/ \
The real pipe and form

See:Betrayal of Images” by Rene Magritte



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