A Point in Spacetime

It is important that the inclusiveness of perception once extended sees information in it’s unfolding, so that once you arrive at a certain location, one is able to understand how they got there. A lot of times when I speak it is always from a fifth dimensional perspective and these things are already understood in their pictorial forms displayed.

fancier way of saying that is that in general, it’s okay to model the space around us using the Euclidean metric. But the Euclidean model stops working when gravity becomes strong, as we’ll see later. The Euclidean model for space

So see in term of a quark to quark measure, or a quark in a bag it is the idea of seeing in this way that the values of that spacetime take on interesting images as we apply it over the whole notion of reality as I have even down to a emotive level.

It’s strength and weaknesses in terms of that gravity. Lagrangian views of the relationships of three body problems as a form this disposition in the cosmos.



  • Ueber die Hypothesen, welche der Geometrie zu Grunde liegen.
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