Where were you in 1969 or ….?

The Introduction

A man points to where the original Woodstock stage was in 1969. (Photo taken October 2006)

I was twelves years old then. My oldest brother was making the journey with some of his friends. Some will identify this to the hippies of a generation. I was hanging out around that time with these groupies, and worked in a “whole earth store” as I got older. Names like Pink or Flower were not that uncommon.

Years later after going back home and visiting the ole neighbourhood, what was larger then life in my youth, seemed small and constricting. Somehow then, it seem so much bigger. Your contrasting the past with today. Who doesn’t.

There is a reason I am relaying this. It is setting the stage for a story that came to me the other morning as I was rousing from my sleep. It is important that I go back to around that time and try and capture some of the prevailing context of that era. To remind people, that we all identify using this framework in terms of remembering. That we can say, that the world holds a special meaning to each of us, by recalling times from that past. It doesn’t have to be 1969, but 1980 if you so wish. It’s about remembering your youth.

So what’s your story?

How is it one can capture the textual meaning of our youths and reference them in context of todays world now that we have grown up to become who we are. I would bet there are markers in your life that have great meaning to you. These markers are fundamental changes that took place. These markers ignited attributes of who you are to become through growth. Who’ve you become today.

Science, can never take that away from you.

Life has been imprinted in this recording. There is information that allows you to reference back and wonder what made up “all the voices of the things we speak about,” holds your perspective in that of our parents, or the parent that raised you. The School education you attained, under what religious denomination you fell under, holding education with a certain view. What we shall never become under the dominance. What we will become after we’ve been educated.

I will be building the story in phases and I will connect each chapter through the links in the url at the bottom of the page as I have been doing in connecting posts.

I am hoping that the science part I develop in relation to this story will encourage the scientist to come along and correct the basis of this perspective under a mathematical basis as well as a scientific one. I would like the components to be factual even though the story will be a fictional one.

I would like any good people who are willing to spend some money on a good story recognize that the originality of this story would help a man and his wife into retirement. Although not a scientist of the calibre that are spread throughout the site here, it is with some knowledge that I will try and speak as responsible and clear about what has taken me to this point. If not, we will be going into retirement anyway and okay. Collaborators are alway welcome toward the functionality and originality toward that sharing monetarily is not a problem if something were to come of it.

By disposition after many years of studying I have come to certain realizations which have formed because of my own life road. This does not mean for you to accept and supplant what this means for you too, other then to encourage you to look at your own life, and wonder as I have, about the meaning of life. What the summation should be after the many years of information that I have travelled through.

The story then here is trivial in that it originates “back in time”, and comes forward with an idea about events that will unfold currently, in this fictional story.

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