I dunno.

After some thinking, how is it one can think that such an abstraction could descend into the modern mind, and think it reveals the idea of nature in expression? It’s just an artistic interpretation then, nothing more?

The cycle of creativity is an interesting circuit to the droplet form. As an idea and such, a condensible feature of the “subtle and storm gathering” into a distillation of a kind?

<a href="http://www.science.ca/scientists/scientistprofile.php?pID=5&pg=1&quot; target=-Blank title="
Donald (H. S. M.) Coxeter”>

5. Regular polytope: If you keep pulling the hypercube into higher and higher dimensions you get a polytope. Coxeter is famous for his work on regular polytopes. When they involve coordinates made of complex numbers they are called complex polytopes.

How many crack point numbers for this poetic version?:) Baez’s Crackpot index is a joke.

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