The Pringles Potato Chip

….a higher dimensional version of the Pringle’s potato chip. Brian Greene, The Fabric of the Cosmos, pg 483, Para 2, line 29

Again I try remind good scientists that I have nothing to offer other then trying to keep pace with their thinking, and to find myself in world’s of abstraction that I really find interesting. Of course, their metaphors too.

You see for me there are interesting correlations of thought that wake me up to the understanding of such abstract thinking, and what purposes it serves. I quote the Pringle Potato Chip to spell out the earlier realization of Maldacena, as well, the idea I have about, the Birth of Approximation. I was trying to tangle with such thoughts in a cosmological sense and here they speak to it in mathematical illustrations.


IN their figure 2. Hyperbolic space, and their comparative relation to the M.C.Escher’s Circle Limit woodcut, Klebanov and Maldacena write, ” but we have replaced Escher’s interlocking fish with cows to remind readers of the physics joke about the spherical cow as an idealization of a real one. In anti-de Sitter/conformal theory correspondence, theorists have really found a hyperbolic cow.

Click on image for larger version. See:Solving quantum field theories via curved spacetimes by Igor R. Klebanov and Juan M. Maldacena

Thank you, too “Just Learning” andDavid Berenstein for the information about the article above.


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