The Colour of Gravity

Boy do I miss be able to do some of the bloggey work and research information. 🙂

The thought on the color of gravity has been talked about on my site before. From a metaphysical standpoint, philosophical, I sometimes wonder, that if the choices we make are forever sealed in our emotive states, then how weak a measure it would be for us to question what the color of gravity would mean in relation.

Rimimgton’s Colour Organ-Professor Rimington’s home demonstrations must have been unforgettable. The Colour Organ was some ten feet high, with a five octave keyboard which was similar to that of a church organ, being controlled by stops. A line of “colour keys” was situated above the conventional (sound) keyboard, and connected to a lens-and-filters system, so that “colour” was “played”. Best effects were secured when the sound and colour were played from separate keyboards.

I mean if we were to ever have been able to see the colour of our mental and emotive states, what would this plethoria of colour actually look like? What realms would we have been assigned too, by our own natures and constitutions, that we would see only what we are allowed to see, and nothing more?

As if being held to this “frame of reference?” From a coordinated state of affairs, I always liked Greg Egan’s animation examples.

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