Google Data Center

See inside one of Google’s data centers in this guided tour. See what powers our products, and then explore on your own in Street View:

In the early seventies my own Father was a accountant who made use of this system of data storage and while having the equipment for card production and sorting to list his clients, he made use of the rooms in larger office tower that were in hermetically sealed rooms to prevent corruption.

Above left: The row of tape drives for the UNIVAC I computer. Above right: The IBM 3410 Magnetic Tape Subsystem, introduced in 1971.

The progressive feature of computation  data development is always an interesting one to me. The age of its users may be of interest in judging how far back certain features of the development mechanical type set is used helps to portray the age of its users. It’s evolutionary history.

The history of computer data storage, in pictures

I mean using Magnetic tapes in terms of data storage although used in type set cards punches as 1’s and O’s was the precursor to what we see today in the google data centre. Can you imagine how large the data room would be needed in order to compress what you see today in our historical development of the seventies?

How science data storage is effected by what would constrain the amount of information given from experimental procedures? We could not do much with efficiency given that constraint.

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