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Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz

This is a historical reference as well as leading to a conclusion I won’t say it for you just that I present the idea, “written word,” and then you decide what that message is. You might have thought it disjointed, … Continue reading

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Discovering the Quantum Universe

Credit: Jean-Francois Colonna Superstrings: A computer’s graphical representation of multi-dimensional spacetime —————————————————– Right now is a time of radical change in particle physics. Recent experimental evidence demands a revolutionary new vision of the universe. Discoveries are at hand that will … Continue reading

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Deja Vue?

NewScientistSpace-How to be in two places at once The basis of this post is in answer to Bee’s question in relation to, “Back to the Beginning of Time.” Bee writes: interesting post. A question: what does it mean for the … Continue reading

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Undercut Philosophical basis , "What have you?"

In “Beyond the dance of the sun” I show what we take for granted from a “observational standpoint,” and try to increase perception, based on the quantum views. Is mathematics Invented or Discovered? “Philosophy In The Flesh” LAKOFF: When you … Continue reading

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Now, here is a SuperNova for Real

The Crab Nebula from VLT Credit: FORS Team, 8.2-meter VLT, ESO Now the “ultimate proof” is to hold in our hands the matters defined by objects. This is the culmination of all dimensional perspectives, being “condensed to the moment” we … Continue reading

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Numerical Relativity and Math Transference

Part of the advantage of looking at computer animations is knowing that the basis of this vision that is being created, is based on computerized methods and codes, devised, to help us see what Einstein’s equations imply. Now that’s part … Continue reading

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Beyond Spacetime?

As well as bringing the accelerator’s counter-rotating beams together, LHC insertion magnets also have to separate them after collision. This is the job of dedicated separators, and the US Brookhaven Laboratory is developing superconducting magnets for this purpose. Brookhaven is … Continue reading

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The Game of Life

if experimenters have free will, then so do elementary particles.–John Horton Conway <a href=" " target=_BLank title="John Conway-Born: 26 Dec 1937 in Liverpool, England”&gt; What prompted this article here is the one of JoAnne of Cosmic variance writes here … Continue reading

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Supersymmetry<->Simplistically<-> Entropically Designed?

So of course I am troubled by my inexperience, as well as, the interests of what could have been produced in the “new computers” of the future? So in some weird sense how would you wrap the dynamics of what … Continue reading

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Intuitive Self and Structure: My Past

One qubit at a time by the Economist COMPUTING is about to hit a problem. In each new generation the components are smaller than they were in its predecessor, and the speed at which this miniaturisation is happening means that … Continue reading

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