A Philosophical Juggernaut

GRACE is the first ESSP mission. It will obtain the most precise measurements of Earth’s gravitational field that have ever been obtained. Improved resolution of the gravity field will lead to important advances in a number of disciplines that study the Earth’s climate.

When you realize what “timeclocks” can do, you then realize the world view is a changing.

It’s far cry from the days of Einstein’s hotstove analogy, but the sense is, that the observer can definitely be affected by the “weight of his outlook.”

Your weight is not the same everywhere. Because Earth is not a perfect sphere, the pull of gravity is stronger in some places than in others. It’s also in a constant state of change, moving with Earth’s mantle, falling sea levels, and even tropical storms. The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment mission, better known as GRACE, was launched in 2002 by NASA and the German Aerospace Center to measure exactly how what goes up must come down.


  • A Sphere that is Not so Round
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