Acrobate Within every Point of Space

Cold Spots

One would have to know that “expansionist values” for the blackholes temperature, to know, that in a “gravitational collapse” heat is generated, and thusly, the geometrical propensity to certain K values would be “indicative” on a classical level?

One might never know of the relation I have with Koan’s as mentioned in my earlier post “entitled” on koan link. “By example” to be mystified to a great extent of the contradictions one faces in life. The values of the constant in science, how is one to contend with the anomalies it has found, in one’s own life, that refutes all the applications of science, while knowing of the value of this relation too moving all ahead?

It is a predicament indeed that calls for caution, so as not to avert logical forming apparatuses of science, to such a “meta thinking” I am displaying here in this bloggery.

See:Axis of Evil While one might be fascinated with the terminologies of the “title selected,” or a name that was to include “God particle”, there is this real faucet of understanding about the nature of the universe.

While I try to show, that even with my meta physical standpoint “such journeys of the imagination” leave much to desire under such a subjective content of “colour gravity.” I am relegating the mind to know and see it’s relation, to emotive, mental and spiritual relations, to what is happening in such an “imaginative space of body home.” Kepler’s epitaph most appropriate here.

I measured the skies, now the shadows I measure,
Sky-bound was the mind, earth-bound the body rests
Kepler’s epitaph for his own tombstone

I persevere under the heading of “pushing science” ahead of my own measures, while pointing to such thinking, to reveal, that such geometrics find itself in such “minute places” can be compulsive to dictating what the larger perspective of the universe is doing. But that’s just me.

Such graviton condensate applications would dictate what that “space is doing” in relation to the global perspective of 10500and in regard to that global geometrical sense?

These thoughts are in the presence of “motivational global forces” that contract and expand, under the heading of “dark energy” and “dark matter.” While it is never easy to see my contention of sound and it’s relations to aspects of diversifying one’s “point of view”, while retaining only the simulated perspective of the developments of science in the measured data from space, I would always like to “point out” that sound in such analogies are my attribute to the values of seeing space in such a B mode way too.

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