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Consciousness, as a Biophotonic System

The structure of optical radiation emitted by the samples of loach fish eggs is studied. It was found earlier that such radiation perform the communications between distant samples, which result in the synchronization of their development. The photon radiation in … Continue reading

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Developement of Emotion Sensor Technology

Professor Rosalind W. Picard, ScD is founder and director of the Affective Computing research group at the MIT Media Lab, co-director of the Things That Think consortium, and leader of the new and growing Autism & Communication Technology Initiative at … Continue reading

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Visualization: Changing Perspective

I give some perspective on “image use and artistic expression.” But such journeys are not limited to the “ideas of a book” or “a painting” in some form of geometric code. Some will remember Salvador Dali picture I posted. I … Continue reading

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Developing Character in Rhetoric and Composition

Francis Bacon (1561 – 1626)—–although not a rhetorician, contributed to the field in his writings. One of the concerns of the age was to find a suitable style for the discussion of scientific topics, which needed above all a clear … Continue reading

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