Mars Rover: Curiosity

‘Greeley Panorama’ from Opportunity’s Fifth Martian Winter
This full-circle scene combines 817 images taken by the panoramic camera (Pancam) on NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity. It shows the terrain that surrounded the rover while it was stationary for four months of work during its most recent Martian winter.
Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell/Arizona State Univ.

Looking for Curiosity? Watch NASA TV Show Online

 This blog post is not written to undermine what has already happened with regards to our research and development toward reaching beyond the planet we live on. Beyond the known world we all participate in.

It is most interesting for sure then. We here on earth emulating the robot’s sensory parameters in order to gather data on our “measured experience” here on Earth as applied to Mars?

Can a theorist postulate possible conditions on Mars outside of the “earth frame of reference” given the parameters manufactured into our robots?

To be fair in theoretical question, I am correlating “physics beyond the standard model” as contained in the calorimeters as backdrops to our particle search.

Spacecraft: Surface Operations: Rover

Universes of Max Tegmark

I mean there are thoughts about Tegmark’s Mathematical universe here as to whether there is reasonable suspicion as to its basis. It may have been on other people’s minds. I cannot believe I am the same person writing this. What has changed?

 There is great resistance on my part to believe that such mathematical basis could have ever been seated at the root of all our societies ventures when we know that such algorithms are manufactured and placed to see if the outcome is a constraint towards the outcome? So that is indeed the question in my mind?

We will only manufacture to confirm our suspicions and that it is hard to see outside of the parameters of our existence? How do you provide for finding new physics if the parameters will constraint your data and outcome?

Door of Florence‘s Baptistery called Gates of Paradise

To be fair again. I have always postulated that mathematics exists at the very basis of our experiences yet I have found myself asking how can this be so? In my previous speculations my own research had me wondering about what lies at the basis of our experience as measured in outward  manifestation expressed in our living in the world.

You are looking for the basis of the qualitative valuations of that experience as identifying the very pattern of that reality. Is this not so? What is in emergence then?

 Similarly, doors and doorways frequently appear in metaphorical or allegorical situations, literature and the arts, often as a portent of change.

So I am saying…….you are standing at the doorway of all the constraints ever applied to your thinking and that such evolution of our mind and brain is to consider the framework with which you shall move forward?

 You are constraint to the data, that has ever been measured as long as it it written, thought about within the confines of those constraints. Shall I compare it to looking for my keys, keys under the lamplight? The outer edges of that light have somehow defined how far we shall see?

You can see my problem now can’t you?  Below “Planck length” you have no measure?

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