Mega Mind?

Source:Numerical Relativity Code and Machine Timeline

In 2005 in “Lightening,” as Strings, Strike?” I could see where certain issues were developing in terms of using computerized techniques in order establish a numerical correlations. Computations with how one might look and see the universe. Albeit, the brain in the end always came to my mind too.

DEUS consortium is developping the largest cosmological Dark Matter simulations to date with realistic Dark Energy component, involving billions of particules, with highest spatial resolution for the largest set of simulated Universe. Our challenge is to reproduce with unprecedented details the cosmic structure formation process and answer to the fundamental questions: what can we learn on Dark Energy from Large Scale Structure Formation (LSS) ? and How LSS formation process is affected by the presence of Dark Energy ? and then to understand the nature of the Dark Energy., Contact:

Sort of like:  Mapping the Internet Brain and Consciousness

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