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Abraham Maslow and Peak Experience

“The worst disease afflicting human kind is hardening of the categories.” – Artist Bob Miller. Well I having been watching the topics ofCategorically Not site created. I see such fine visitations by those who have ventured into the science, asking … Continue reading

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What is Sun-Earth Day? As I was reading Cliffords newest entry on Cosmic Variance site, his trip reminded me of the hike we took to see the Big Horn Medicine Wheel. Now what is interesting about this is I am … Continue reading

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Big Horn Medicine Wheel

I’ll put a picture here from my trip(it is taken from the board located at the site). It’s the Bighorn Medicine Wheel located by Sheridan Wyoming. It is about 9642 feet up and on Medicine Mountain. The walk was about … Continue reading

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The Earth as a Layered Pearl of Vision

While the Image seen here, is one week into our trip back east to the prairies, this leg of the vacation is being shown for a particluar reason. HUman nature saids we like to embedded and concretize the greater philosophies … Continue reading

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