Mind Map: The Medicine Wheel

The Power of Myth With Bill Moyers, by Joseph Campbell , Introduction that Bill Moyers writes,

Campbell was no pessimist. He believed there is a “point of wisdom beyond the conflicts of illusion and truth by which lives can be put back together again.” Finding it is the “prime question of the time.” In his final years he was striving for a new synthesis of science and spirit. “The shift from a geocentric to a heliocentric world view,” he wrote after the astronauts touched the moon, “seemed to have removed man from the center-and the center seemed so important...

God as Architect/Builder/Geometer/CraftsmanEarly science, particularly geometry and astronomy/astrology, was connected to the divine for most medieval scholars. Notice, even, the circular shape of the halo. The compass in this 13th century manuscript is a symbol of God’s act of Creation, as many believed that there was something intrinsically “divine” or “perfect” that could be found in circles The Circle

Going from 2 dimensional drawing to 3 dimensions has spherical relations in terms of it’s mathematical development?

While I present a hint to the “explosion of the thinking mind,” how is it such a transference to the actual processes in life could have equalled a “mathematical construct” that one might contend exists at the very beginning of this universe?

An Historical Version

Medicine Wheel Teachings by Thunderbird

The term “Medicine” as it is used by First Nations people does not refer to drugs or herbal remedies. It is used within the context of inner spiritual energy and healing or an enlightened experience, in other words, “spiritual energy.” The Medicine Wheel and its sacred teachings assist us along the path towards mental, spiritual, emotional, physical balance and enlightenment.

A good starting point is to determine where you are on the Wheel by your birth date. The Medicine Wheel is walked in a clockwise direction (the direction of the Sun). The time needed to walk a complete circle is whatever time it takes – time, in other words, is relative to the process.

Now of course some feel very funny about using such things to represent something about themselves. Develop a map, that indicates some of one’s own history according to someone’s else method. What I mean here is that what you see of use in a historical method as per the Native Americans, then how would this apply to your own life?

I present this “from my own experience.” How such ideas behind the mapping and mandalic interpretations are evidence for me of the complexity of the human mind. How is it we can create such a maps from the experience? One that can unfold for and from another more subtle recognition of the depth our natures. I believe that this process is inherent in each of us. The complexity of our human experiential existence makes this difficult to see. It is as if you “live a dream” and what does it mean at some other level? So you are confused about the chaoticness of the dream state?

A Tibetan interpretation of the Book of the dead would have it seem that confusion shall be the fog, our fog and any clarity of seeing would be to know what it is that causes this fog. Is it our emotive states of existence? Our emotive contaminants of the mental and spiritual state? What colour would these be if we had thought about what an emotive inflection had been given to an experiences of our own, as we speak and think about life?

So this journey of course took me back to Tibetan images, as well as Jung’s interpretations of mandalas as expressions of the soul. The construction method and meanings associated with geometrical proportions to the division of the person. In terms of directions, north, south, east or west. These can have meanings to the idea of “seasons to our life” and this is, what going in a circle may mean in terms of the “totality of the life” of one person, from birth to death.

Does any of this seems familiar to you as it did to me. My natural inclination to mind mapping my experiences and developments of a philosophy according to what was being constructed, just arose from developing a “methodology to approach” intuitively.


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