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The Universe of Sound: Subodh Patil – Collide@CERN Inspiration Part

Dr. Subodh Patil is a cosmologist at CERN and is the inspiration partner for Bill Fontana, 2012-2013 Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN winner, during his residency at CERN. Bill began his 3-month residency at CERN at an event called “The Universe … Continue reading

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Maurits Cornelis Escher

A 1929 self-portrait Born June 17, 1898Leeuwarden, The Netherlands Died 27 March 1972 (aged 73)Laren, The Netherlands Nationality Dutch Field Drawing, Printmaking Works Relativity, Waterfall, Hand with Reflecting Sphere Influenced by Giovanni Battista Piranesi Awards Knighthood of the Order of Orange-Nassau     … Continue reading

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ta kymatika

……in Greek means “matters pertaining to waves.” Or in Hans Jenny’s case Cymatics. There were other images which mirrored biological forms and natural processes, as well as flowers, mandalas and intricate geometric designs – all this the result of audible … Continue reading

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Mandalas as Mind Maps

While I respect Carl Jung and his thought on the personality, it would have made more sense to me that at death “perfection would be as best the soul is in it’s attempts.” To discover, one’s nature and recognize that … Continue reading

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Science’s Responsibility While Investigating Consciousness?

Our attempt to justify our beliefs logically by giving reasons results in the “regress of reasons.” Since any reason can be further challenged, the regress of reasons threatens to be an infinite regress. However, since this is impossible, there must … Continue reading

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True creativity often starts where language ends. Arthur Koestler How many of you had thought the body you inhibit as a “vessel or a crucible?” I related in the previous post to ““Democritus had Passion and Heat?” to the idea … Continue reading

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Change that Had Consequences

In the post, Hermetic Ties, I showed how historically information was engraved, crafted, into the woodcuts, for knowledge based on alchemist interests. I further explained the process as I have come to know of it in terms of developing this … Continue reading

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Hermetic Ties: Art to Esoteric Form

The father of all perfection in the whole world is here. Its force or power is entire if it be converted into Earth. Separate the Earth from the Fire, the subtle from the gross, sweetly with great industry. It ascends … Continue reading

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Man Looking into Outer Space

“We all are of the citizens of the Sky” Camille Flammarion In 1858, by the set of its relations, it will allow Camille Flammarion, the 16 years age, to enter as raises astronomer at the Observatory of Paris under the … Continue reading

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