ta kymatika

……in Greek means “matters pertaining to waves.” Or in Hans Jenny’s case Cymatics.

There were other images which mirrored biological forms and natural processes, as well as flowers, mandalas and intricate geometric designs – all this the result of audible vibration. These experiments seemed to reveal the hidden nature of creation, to lay bare the very principle through which matter coalesced into form.PUBLISHER’S CONFESSION by Jeff Volk, January 2001 Newmarket, New Hampshire, USA

I hope I will not see some so lost by accepting an “mystic interpretation,” as some sign of engaging the decay of the scientific values. As Nature being the Architect, and in recognition of our builders of science, I have always been enthralled by what nature could have supplied. Not only in such designational feature of sound that is telling, but of what SOHO is to supply. How we see the Cosmo in relation to the WMAP. How such a “gravitational spectrum” maps the earth “in assumption” of the rules of relativity. We now see earth much different. Not so round and pretty:)

There are two reasons that having mapped E8 is so important. The practical one is that E8 has major applications: mathematical analysis of the most recent versions of string theory and supergravity theories all keep revealing structure based on E8. E8 seems to be part of the structure of our universe.

The other reason is just that the complete mapping of E8 is the largest mathematical structure ever mapped out in full detail by human beings. It takes 60 gigabytes to store the map of E8. If you were to write it out on paper in 6-point print (that’s really small print), you’d need a piece of paper bigger than the island of Manhattan. This thing is huge.

See:Pasquale Del Pezzo and E8 Origination?-Monday, March 19, 2007

I would like to clarify that such patterns are somewhat “given to people in recognition of states” that are much closer to that “decomposable limit” that is declared by Connes in his articulation of the mathematics.

Such “decomposable limits” are the recognition of “pure states” becoming condensible. While we may think of the allotrope and their configurations, what is the final product given in the arrangement of the matters specific? Is there some “higher version of geometrics” that we had lost, while we see only the matter at hand.

IN this mandala above it is by design that human nature sought to construct the basis and foundation of experience so that it could be a record for all time. This is an intentional act to build in experience an foundational perspective. This is one time where we might use such a mind map to be used in this context. People become enthralled too, by the beauty of flower under computerize algorithmic code manipulated image because it is pleasing to the eye, while, there is another time where these “pure states” become the reflection of an intense experiential journey of sorts.

Sort of like, discovering new math and by definition, a decomposable limit.

ON the one hand you might say, well, this case its matter defined then, and while I am saying this is in the image of the mind, that too is a coalescing of the pure state, into a image form.

Such an kaleidescope view of the most intangible seems fitting that it defines a complex recognition state that was not accessible, before, this intense info packet had descended into the mind.


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