The Making of the Tablet of Life

Change your thoughts and you change your world.
Norman Vincent Peale

Simple frame of reference in the quote supplied above?

The Circle: Paradox and Paradigm
by Reza Sarhangi & Bruce D. Martin


The ultimate desire of mankind is to identify wholeness, to grasp the essence of being, to be integrated with the harmony, perfection, patterns, and cycles of the material, metaphorical and metaphysical worlds. This desire motivates us to explore the realms of fact and fancy, logic and metaphor, reason and emotion, to capture the whole of being in one part, to see it, hear it, feel it, and enjoy it in everyday life.

The circle is an object of nature, an idealization of pure mathematics, and a symbol or framework we use to understand and describe our world. The circle exists independently of human thought, as ripples in a pond, or the appearance of the sun and moon, or the shape of the iris of an eye. In mathematics, we choose to define a circle as the places at a constant distance from a center, usually in two dimensions. In this article, we look back at world history and the varied uses of the circle: literal and literary, physical and poetical, mathematical, metaphorical and mystical.

The two following diagrams are from site above.

The Mahakala Gonpo-Magpo chakra mandala, by A. T. Mann.

The Buddhist circular mandala designs have been used continuously for millennia. “A mandala (Sanskrit for “circle”) is a symbolic diagram of the universe, arranged in circles, used in tantric Buddhism. The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung considered the mandala to be a universally occurring pattern associated with the mythological representation of the self

Jay Kappraf, Connections: the geometric bridge between art and science, McGraw-Hill, 1991, pp. 172-173.

The following is a little bit of a fictional story about what happens in the the making of this Tablet, can become significant “for the life” as we have come to venture forward, lists some of the attributes of what exists, and what is written for each and very soul respectively?

Interior of the Pantheon, in Rome. The light comes from a circular
opening at the top of the sphere that is the building
Mann, ibid., p. 43. Bruce Martin, 1994.

So deep, and searching for meaning, the nature of this tablet means that every geometrical written circle becomes the template, for what is to unfold in the future of that persons life, as well as, what the division of this circle represents, the quarterlies, allocates, and in rotation, the birth of this soul, to the accomplishment of the life, to mean on it’s completion?

How vague indeed it is for the story teller, that artifacts in the history of our civilization is looked for, that it might have found uncovered in this “ancient place,” the history of all souls, as well, the delving into the meaning of every life as it begins it’s journey?

From whence, is such a expression sent, to its ray which “manifests in that light” could mean, that the elements in relation “gather around?” So while this element in relation, it is in the configuration space of our being, that “our colours are defined for us” as to the substance and nature of that circle? Inner/outer then, and how strange this world that it reflects all that has been harboured in the individuals nature.

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