We are , What Stars are Made of?

One thing I can tell you, though, is that most string theorist’s suspect that spacetime is a emergent Phenomena in the language of condensed matter physics Edward Witten

Imagine indeed, that such a picture below is an approximate of how our Milky Way Galaxy would appear to the distant observer.

It is remarkable and ironic that this ferocious “mother of all explosions” involves the lowly neutrino, an elementary particle that seems otherwise to be the most inert and inconspicuous of all particles. Out blast the neutrinos, taking with them all of the outer matter of the star, the new synthesized elements producing a brilliant flash of light of many millions of times brighter than all the stars shining within a single galaxy. The outer shell of the body of the Titan, containing all the elements from hydrogen to iron, is blown into space. A dense, spinning neutron star or perhaps a blackhole, the tiny remnant of the pure neutron core of the Titan with a mass greater than that of our Sun, is left behind.1

M51: Cosmic Whirlpool-Credit: S. Beckwith (STScI) Hubble Heritage Team, (STScI/AURA), ESA, NASA See also:Astronomy Picture of the Day

I was a little perturbed by how scientists themself assuming 5% of the world population would think that such congregations must be “held to themself” and their “sphere of communications.” These communications are based on what 20% of the world population currently sees in Internet communications worldwide, would relegate “this figure of 5%” much narrower, to a figure allotted to “internet viability and population reached by those are really see less then 5%.” This will change as the Internet viability and population increase. An expanding market then sought by Magazines to take on board “Blogging groups?”

We show that any massive cosmological relic particle with small self-interactions is a super-fluid today, due to the broadening of its wave packet, and lack of any elastic scattering. The WIMP dark matter picture is only consistent its mass M ≫ MPl in order to maintain classicality. The dynamics of a super-fluid are given by the excitation spectrum of bound state quasi-particles, rather than the center of mass motion of constituent particles. If this relic is a fermion with a repulsive interaction mediated by a heavy boson, such as neutrinos interacting via the Z0, the condensate has the same quantum numbers as the vierbein of General Relativity. Because there exists an enhanced global symmetry SO(3, 1)space × SO(3, 1)spin among the fermion’s self-interactions broken only by it’s kinetic term, the long wavelength fluctuation around this condensate is a Goldstone graviton. A gravitational theory exists in the low energy limit of the Standard Model’s Electroweak sector below the weak scale, with a strength that is parametrically similar to GN.2

So, your of this group who sought to sell themself to Discovery Magazine, and forfeit(?) all posts and topics as an article of some extrapolation from the ARxiv to the “select only,” the few? What was achieved then by the lone scientist, when he sought to exemplify his work on the http://arxiv.org and by chance of discussion sell all their days pondering as work of the future to a magazine?

If you open with a question(?) with something that is very public, you have to consider what market you are extending yourself too, by thinking to ignore public contribution under the guise of this Magazine’s presentation of authors. A forum?

A Job possibly? Money to allow them the comforts of spreading good cheer amongst the populations? Imagine, if the population was ever to see “this advance” of bought scientists to mine only what it shall transpire for “new information” for that magazine, by only the inclusion of their trade associates. “Shall you as scientists resist then” such a corporate takeover, and exemplify yourself to denouncing such a corporate structure limited to communications away from the public?

George Musser while scouring the archives and forums for his stories at least sought to contribute to the stories as they unfolded for the public through magazine subscription, then to “mine by incentive, a detach impetus for “new information” about what the stars are made up of. What remnants are left to insight the reader, to think that gravity was formed by evidence of some relics and only held in the scientists mind?

See Also:

1Symmetry by Leon M. Lederman and Christopher T. Hill page 36-Children of the Titans
2Emergent Electroweak Gravity” Bob McElrath CERN theory group, Geneva 23, CH 1211, Switzerland-

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