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What is the compelling urgency of the machine that it can so intrude itself into the very stuff out of which man builds his world?JOSEPH WEIZENBAUM 1923 ā€“ 2008

See: Eliza

What is beauty in face of simplicity?

>Beauty, Plato wrote, is not easy to define, but something that “slips through and evades us”. For this reason, many logic-oriented philosophical approaches tend to divorce and even oppose truth and beauty. “The question of truth”, wrote logician Gottlob Frege in one of his most influential works, “would cause us to abandon aesthetic delight for an attitude of scientific investigation.”

See: The Most Beautiful Experiment

Welcome to the Mind and Brain Portal. This is an interdisciplinary point of entry to such related fields as the cognitive psychology, philosophy of mind, neuroscience, and linguistics.

Embodied Embedded Cognition
Damasio’s Second LawEmotions precede feelings.

Damasio’s Third Law
Concepts precede words.

Consciousness emerges when this primordial story-the story of a object causally changing the state of the body-can be told using the universal nonverbal vocabulary of body signals. The apparent self emerges as the feeling of a feeling. When the story is first told, spontaneously, without it ever being requested, and furthermore after that when the story is repeated, knowledge about what the organism is living through automatically emerges as the answer to a question never asked. From that moment on, we begin to know.

Pg 31, The Feeling of What Happens, by Antonio Damasio

IN the “primitive aspect of being,” I was hoping one would see through to the realization that if Antonio was to present a clear and precise definition of the way we evolve then what use to see that such an elevation of the perceptions of Jill Taylor could have amounted to anything?

But wait, she experiences the stroke and that’s physical isn’t it? And thus, she was truly lead to such an insight?

The point is this. That in order for have such a state to go too, it had already to exist? This goes to the articulation’s of how Antonio sees? This then is the challenge to replace the way he articulated his points of reference, too one saw in another way. Yes, there is a physical process with the DNA and such.

What use to overcome the physical attributes of the lower centres if we can ascribe to one that there is much higher perspective then what is currently understood? See in between the moments of time, are the digging deep of what passes for our attentive views, to see that the depth of perception is an accumulative thing too.

See: Thomas Young: Deep Play

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