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Thalamocortical oscillations can be Affective?

Delta waveTheta waveAlpha waveMu waveBeta waveGamma wave Current interest in a presentation given through Stanford in a series of 6 videos had brought up for me the question of what consciousness is. A fundamental recognition of what consciousness is, as … Continue reading

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Neural Oscillations in Gamma

EEG in Gamma-A gamma wave is a pattern of neural oscillation in humans with a frequency between 25 and 100 Hz,[1] though 40 Hz is typical.[2] Here exists a measure with which consciousness can be associated, then,  by such neural oscillations … Continue reading

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Delving Deeper into the Subject of Binaural Beats

Scheme showing the course of the fibers of the lemniscus; medial lemniscus in blue, lateral in red. (Superior olivary nucleus is labeled at center right.) The superior olivary nucleus is considered part of the pons and is a part of … Continue reading

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Binaural beats by Wiki(updated April 2016)

A binaural beat is an auditory illusion perceived when two different pure-tone sine waves, both with frequencies lower than 1500 Hz, with less than a 40 Hz difference between them, are presented to a listener dichotically, that is one through each ear.[1] … Continue reading

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A Materialist’s Approach?

God Helmet The “God Helmet” refers to an experimental apparatus originally called the “Koren helmet” after its inventor Stanley Koren Mechanical Induction-Magnetic stimulation of the brain, as with the God helmet developed by Michael Persinger.[30] Dr. Persinger’s work is primarily … Continue reading

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Self-organization From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Self-organization is the process where a structure or pattern appears in a system without a central authority or external element imposing it. This globally coherent pattern appears from the local interaction of the elements … Continue reading

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Quantum Computation and Evolution?

We used to think that if we knew one, we knew two, because one and one are two. We are finding out that we must learn a great deal more about ‘and’.”- Sir Arthur Eddington (1882-1944) Of course a lot … Continue reading

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